Pinot Noir Trio

Pinot Noir Trio
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Notes: Red Cherries, Huckleberries, Vanilla, Cedar
Palette: Radiant, rich flavor with a long finish

Named one of the "Year's Best" American pinot noirs by Wine & Spirits

Our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir began with ripe, organically farmed grapes grown in volcanic soil that’s more than 14 million years old. We hand-picked them — stems and all — and carefully conducted an orchestra of wild yeasts to transform them into wine.

The all-natural result has something of an anchor and a wave effect: a core of sparkling and radiant red fruit (thanks to that ancient soil) with a wave of cinnamon-and-clove spiciness (from the whole-cluster fermentation and all that yeasty magic) as smooth as velvet. It’s unexpected, and we hope it makes you smile at first sip. 


We currently ship to all U.S. states except: AL, KY, UT, WY

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